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Outreach Programs

While you cannot click on a link in the NCWW forum that says “Outreach” you can see it throughout the site. NCWW Outreach is more a guiding principle than a program. To help explain let’s start with why NCWW was created in three short ideas;


  1. To be a friendly place on the web for woodworkers to come for community

  2. To build a “faculty” of "teachers" intentional or not, and numerous “go-to” or knowledgeable people willing to pass-on their knowledge.

  3. A place to ask questions without fear of derision or disdain.


Some members come to NCWW only for community. It may be the only online site they come to that could be labeled social media, they typically come for the community that has been created over the past 14 years. Others come to ask a question or to see pictures of member-created projects. Still others have come to be a part of our passing on the knowledge of the craft and the amazing feeling of fulfillment when a new skill is learned or piece is completed.


NCWW outreach can be as simple as a forum post that answers a question. Or as organized as a group of people getting together for a workshop where one or more skills are taught. We have participated in numerous events, WIA (Woodworking in America, Kingfest, The AAW Raleigh Symposium in 2019, Stoke’s Stomp and every year in the Klingspor Extravangaza. We have even done six events for the Wounded Warriors and a couple for first responders.

NCWW has participated in on-site events for a number of years where we have young people turn on the lathe or build a birdhouse or make a game. Members of NCWW have said “I am not sure who is getting more out of this event the kids or the adults.


The hope is that these events plant the seed that woodworking can be a potential hobby or perhaps even a career.


As a member of North Carolina Woodworker everyone can participate in outreach events and have to opportunity to be a part of a growing trend – keeping the art and craft of woodworking alive!

Hopefully this helps you understand what we, and especially NCWW’s Outreach, is all about. We would enjoy including YOU in our next outreach event. 


As we say here at NCWW:


Wood you like to learn?

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