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Member Spotlight  | Dan O'Sullivan

Dan O'Sullivan

A Modern Renaissance Man

Growing up in New York lake region north of the Adirondacks, Dan learned to be a maker. He became a talented woodworker, blacksmith, gunsmith and aviator.

By the age of 15 Dan was working part-time carving vintage airplane propellers - a job that also allowed Dan to make his first solo flight in a Nieuport 11 biplane.

Even the US Army saw his talent and soon he was flying helicopters in Vietnam. Upon return to the States, Dan joined the USAF to continue his flying career - seems he had a need for speed.


“a man can do all things if he will”
-Leon Battista Alberti

When he was not above the clouds, Dan honed his skills at timber framing which of course required him to learn how to forge weld multiple steels to make your own tools. When you learn to be a blacksmith, why not also learn to make your own black powder

Since most makers find time to do even more, Dan restored a 1950 MGTD. Plus as a testament to his mechanical skills, Dan’s Volvo has wellover a million miles.