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Burial Urns for Veterans | Honoring Our Nations Fallen


The goal of this project is to provide quality and dignified wooden burial urns for veteran’s cremains being interred in State or National Veterans Cemeteries within North Carolina. These urns have been placed at all Veterans Cemeteries in North Carolina and are being made available to those families as well as indigent veterans who may not be able to afford an urn. If the veteran’s cremains are brought to the cemetery in a cardboard box, plastic box, bag, or any container other than a burial urn, a wooden burial urn is available at the cemetery office free of charge. Be sure to ask for ask about this at the cemetery office.

The catalyst behind this project began in Florida when it was learned that some veterans cremains had been buried in cardboard boxes. Since then, it has been learned that some veteran’s cremains are being buried in plastic bags, coffee cans, Styrofoam containers, and various other less suitable containers.


Members of North Carolina Woodworker have volunteered to donate their time and woodworking skills to make these burial urns. Also, local businesses have contributed lumber and materials to aide in this honorable endeavor. All of this is at no cost to the veteran’s families.


North Carolina Woodworkers would like to honor the veteran’s service with dignity, pride, and respect by providing a wooden burial urn in gratitude to these men and women who have selflessly served our great Nation, while protecting our freedom and our way of life. We salute all our military personnel, both living and deceased, with our deepest and most humble thanks.

If you are interesting in working with us on this program, either by building or donating materials, please contact at

Please also follow us on our Facebook page dedicated to this project: NCWW Burial Urns for Veterans Project 

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