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About Us

Back in 2005, Steve Coles saw the need for a 'friendlier' website for woodworkers; one where people from all over the southeast could come and talk about woodworking.  He had a vision of members sharing photos of their latest creations and the techniques they used to create them.  All while building a community where anyone could come and learn new techniques, debate the intricacies of a project, as well as other woodworking disciplines that would help them realize a finished project or simply to learn that new technique.  They even invited each other into their wood shops as part of organized shop crawls.


Steve's vision, and yes the entire site, has grown over the years - both in membership, size and in intent. Today our membership continues to make an impact on our region through our online presence and by including more participation in our communities at local festivals, fairs, and woodworking-specific events, and also through our outreach programs. We also see the need to keep the art and craft of woodworking alive and believe it is, and should remain, a significant part of our society.  We have enhanced our site to include more information around learning and community events and we hope to use social media and our enhanced platform to engage younger woodworkers.


Our leadership continues to build upon Steve Coles' vision through enhancements to the site while finding and engaging with other like minded woodworking communities.  With this vision in mind, we decided to open our membership to all of North America in an effort to help us achieve these goals!

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